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  • 100% Nylon

  • 1 Hook. Easily hook onto single hook bras, fits for some fashion narrow bra.

  • Package Included: 8pcs 1 Hook Bra Extenders (4pcs Elastic, 4pcs Non-elastic)

  • Color: Elastic 1 Hook Bra Extenders - Black, White, Beige, Red; Non-elastic 1 Hook Bra Extenders - Black, White, Dark Beige, Light Beige.

  • Add more rooms to your bra while the bra band is too tight. Save money by prolonging the lifetime your favorite bras.

  • Easy to use: Hook the hook part of the bra extender onto the eye part of your bra. Put on your bra as you normally do. Breathe a sigh of relief that your bra-blem is solved.

DoHope Women’s 1 Hook Bra Extenders Elastic Stretchy Bra Strap Extension at Women’s Clothing store